April Fool’s Day 2010: Great iPhone app pranks

It’s that time of year, you either love it or you hate it but I’m supposed to be impartial so I’m not letting on! Its April Fool’s Day 2010 tomorrow and we’ve discovered there are some great ideas for Fool’s Day available as iPhone apps, for all you committed pranksters.

One of the top 10 ranked entertainment apps available is the iFart Moble, available from the Apple, iTunes and App stores. You can let one go sneakily in the car or how about downloading it as a ringtone on somebody else’s phone. There are various other Fart apps available for those of you who never get tired of fart gags.

If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, how about Cracked for the iPhone or iTouch. If you ask somebody to click it they’ll manage to break the screen, hours of endless fun there from making people look stupid! This is rated by Apple as “one of the best web applications in the whole wide world”, to use on April Fool’s Day, or let’s face it, any other day.

Be careful how you use your pranks though. Some people…ahem…just don’t get it, so you have to choose your targets carefully, but it certainly looks as though there’s plenty of fun to be had with just some of the iPhone app April Fool’s gags available.

Source: aprilfools.com

  • lil

    here's another great iphone prank app – "dude, your car!"

    lets you modify pictures of cars to make them seem damaged

    watch the video at – youtube.com/mobilaga

  • lil

    here's another great iphone prank app – "dude, your car!"

  • Alex

    Dudes if you want real fun time with your friends then have a look on Prank Me! app for iPhone. I have it and it is immense fun with the app to make lot of different prank calls:-))