Phoebe Prince: Latest Facebook Bullying Victim

Bullying on Facebook has claimed yet another life, Phoebe Prince, the latest victim has hanged herself after constant bullying from so called classmates – she was just 15. Prince came over from Ireland in the hope of starting a new life with her family, but from the first day at her new school – she became a target.

No one knows why these bullies singled out Prince, but it was a recent split with her boyfriend that tipped her over the edge. Since Prince hung herself, nine teenagers have been charged with her death. The charges against them include criminal harassment, stalking and statutory rape.

Many would assume that the school would have to take some of the blame for not ending the bullying. But no charges will be brought against them – even though they knew the bullying was going on, this is according to Examiner.

The saddest thing in all this is that Phoebe Prince cannot rest in peace – hurtful things are still being said on her Facebook memorial page. Although these have since been removed, it shows that there is a nasty side to social media.

  • Jeremy

    This is an instance of organized stalking – not as extreme as the state-sanctioned campaigns directed at adults – but intensified for a teenager because she can't simply stop going to school or switch schools.

    I cover the incident here:

    As for understanding the issue of state-sanctioned organized stalking:

    There's some strange stuff going out on there that isn't reported on any news station. Yet.