Facebook Gifts and Messages: A Guide

For those who do not have the time or money to look for cards for friends and family, then the introduction of E-cards was a blessing. These were not only fast and easy to do, but also free. However, times change and now it is all about sending Facebook gifts and messages instead.

You can think of Facebook gifts as an E-card, as people will know that you are thinking about them on certain occasions. However, as with all things on Facebook, there are certain individuals that are spoiling the sentiment of sending these gifts to other users.

There are those who send out a number of gifts each week, followed by the message “I got it just for you”. Business Fundas believes that this just spams your friends Facebook walls.

Below are three things that should help guide you in this matter:

  • Facebook Gifts are good in moderation
  • Personalization = Value
  • Send relevant gifts

If you have any more to add, then please let us know