Beware of scam Facebook antivirus app 2010

It seems as though there are still loads of people out there being caught out and installing site-specific antivirus apps, but unfortunately it’s just not a wise move. A case in question is the Facebook Antivirus app which some people think really will protect them against malware but that just won’t happen.

There’s a lot of pointless malware out there aimed at the naive user. Let’s face it there are an awful lot of people who can’t tell the difference between genuine and bogus antiviral programs and Facebook, with its hundreds of millions of users is a prime location for scareware pushers.

It has to be said that some of these apps really do look convincing. In my greener computing days, I too was caught out by one, but the more people’s attention is drawn to them, the more they will be avoided. Many people just don’t know about these fake apps at all. Facebook Antivirus, like others before it, looks convincing at first, but the images have been “borrowed” from valid software.

If you install it your Facebook profile will be infected, tagging your photos with 20 of your friends, who unknowingly click through to updates, come across the same virus, and so it continues to spread. The app will probably be closed down by Facebook soon but please beware what you click. If you’ve already been infected by this virus and go to Facebook Insider, you can find information that will help you. Have you been caught out by this rogue app? Let us know if you have and what happened as a result?