Passover 2010 and First Seder: Internet changes celebrations

More than a dozen families will be reading from Haggadah at tonight’s Seder meal, this has been changed from the original version – instead of images of Pharaoh and the slaves, family photos have been uploaded to replace them. This shows that the Passover story is now using the Internet and entered the digital age for 2010.

LA Times tells us that Haggadah means “telling” or “narrative”, which recounts events that happened in the past. More than 100 copies of these cyber versions have now been sold.

Behrman House is the company that makes it possible for families the chance to personalize Haggadah – project coordinator Jessica Gurtman has created a version for President Barack Obama and the first lady. There are pictures of the first family in the book – this time telling the story of the struggle with freedom from slavery.

Gurtman has sent 30 copies to the White House, which they hope will persuade him to celebrate the event this year. More and more families have ordered their personalized copies to read at tonight’s Seder meal.

Please let us know if you have had a copy of Haggadah made for yourself?