LinkedIn: Jobs, economic downturn, and Canada key for growth

As we struggle to fight our way out of this economic downturn, we still cannot get around the fact that more people are trying to compete for the same job. Getting that job has now become more difficult – a result of more competition.

In a recent interview with Linkedin vice-president, Arvind Rajan, Financial Post asked if membership of Linkedin has gone up, and what effect had the downturn had on them as a company?

The first thing that we need to point out is how Canada is the key to growth, this is because it is one of the most engaged markets – levels are much higher than they are in the U.S.

Rajan said that Linkedin did see a sudden spike in growth – something that started around the summer of 2008. As a result there was an increase week-on-week in membership sign-ups. This rate was not only in Canada, but around the globe – showing that there is now more confidence in the economy.

Do you agree that there are now more jobs about, or do you still think that there is a way to go until we are fully out of the recent downturn?