Facebook denies that “sharing data” means using for ads

In an intriguing development we’ve noted that in a new proposed privacy policy released several days ago by Facebook, there was a curious paragraph confirming that the social network will automatically share data with “pre-approved” partners when you go to the sites. However the mysterious “pre-approved” partners are not detailed in any way, shape or form, leading to some speculation that your details may be used for advertising purposes.

There’s a fine line to be walked for companies such as Facebook as when people are sharing information about themselves they must be able to trust the sites they’re using, but at the same time it’s difficult for the company to turn down vast amounts of money from advertising deals, based on information shared.

Facebook’s director of communications and public policy, Barry Schnitt, was asked some questions about the policy by DigitalBeat. When asked how the “partners” would be chosen he was unable to give any detail, saying merely that they were looking for potentially trusted partners but “I can’t really say more than that”.

He was quite emphatic though when asked if there would be a financial relationship between the partners and Facebook saying, “No, there isn’t”. He went on to say “I think the really important thing to stress is that this has nothing to do with advertising”. Schnitt also said there would be an opt-out, but because it hadn’t yet been built he could not give further details.

Are you assured by Barry Schnitt’s comments, or are you still concerned that maybe your shared details will be used for advertising purposes? Why not let us know your thoughts?

Source: DigitalBeat