What is now playing on Twitter? App makes nowplaying tweets easy

Earlier today we posted some news about the top Twitter Trends over the past week, which was thanks to the information gathered by What The Trend. This showed that certain traditions stayed popular, and some celebrities were uncontested.

Today What The Trend is reporting that #nowplaying – also known as #np – has made it as their top trend, which can be seen on their week in review page. This has updated a few times today, so we guess its now updated in real time.

What is now playing on Twitter? This is when Twitter users tweet the movies they are watching or the music they are listening to. Being a weekend, we guess most users are relaxing before Monday.

One app that helps “Now Playing” is called Jingle! And Product Reviews just posted some details on version 1.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch. This app lets the user Tweet about different types of media. This could be an album title or artist from the music you’re playing, read more about this here.

Do you use the “Now Playing” hashtag? Have you used Jingle?