Google Earth Unusual Images: 22 of the Best

Google Earth has been coming under a lot of fire lately – well the Street View side of things. So it is nice to take a break form all that and enjoy the brilliance of Google Earth and the unusual images that we always come across.

WebDesignCore were on a mission to find 22 of the best photos on Google Earth, and there is no shortage – so a much harder task then you would imagine.

This must have been a time consuming job for the person who wrote the article, but how cool to sit in the comfort of your own home as you explore the globe.

Below of the list of the some of the most unusual images on Google Earth:

  • Bunny in Google Maps
  • Coca Cola Logo in Google Maps
  • Firefox Logo
  • Google Escher Effect pic from Houston
  • Guitar-Shaped Mansion
  • Heart-shaped island
  • I lOVE u
  • Iraq’s Bloody Lake
  • KFC space logo
  • Land Art near Munich Airport
  • Lips
  • Man-Shaped Lake in Brazil
  • Mystery Stone Arrow
  • Oprah Maze
  • Osmington White Horse
  • Portrait of Ghenghis Khan in Google Maps
  • Terrain Face in Google Maps
  • The Palm Islands of Dubai
  • The Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci
  • Where’s Waldo in Google Maps?
  • Will U Marry Me
  • World’s Largest Fingerprint

For more details on these visit WebDesignCore. If you think you have better images, then please let us know by adding your comment below.