Twitter reports Foursquare forgot domain renewal

You would have thought that those in charge at Foursquare would never allow anything to happen to their social networking site – so why did they forget the renewal of its domain? Twitter were one of the first to notice this minor oversight.

According to Tech Magazine, those who visited the site would have noticed that GoDaddy had parked the page for a while. Once Foursaure had paid for the renewal – until 2020 – the site was back up, which was a relief to its users. These users took to Twitter to share in their frustration.

Foursquare went on their Twitter page to own up to the error, they said that they messed up on not renewing the domain. This is not the first time that a website as popular as Foursquare had forgotten to renew its domain. This is the reason why we often see outages.

Foursqaure users did not need to worry as a domain will stay in the persons name for a time after it lapses, but they should never leave it too long. At least the social networking site has taken steps for this not to happen, for the next 10 years anyway – that is if users will still use the service.