Knocking Live Video: Nexus One to iPhone, 4G not needed

Social Media is all about sharing what you know, and “Knocking” is about sharing live video with friends and family in a more social way. The direct mobile-to-mobile video stream is fast, and a better way to communicate with video.

You may have had a knock at the door before, but today you can be social with a “Knock” on your Smartphone, answer to take the video feed. One amazing feature of “Knocking” live video is that it doesn’t need 4G or 3G to work.

The video below this post shows a demonstration of Knocking from a Nexus One – Android OS – to iPhone, and this works with 2G / 3G Apple iPhone’s, and even the iPod Touch. The iPhone 4G may bring faster data speeds when released, but this example shows that it may not be needed for “Knocking”.

Let us know what you think about knocking, do you think instant visual messaging will take off? Read more on Daily Mobile, or watch the video below.

  • Ming

    Couldn’t get it to stream video from my N1 to a friends iphone 3gs and vice versa, although we both connected to each othet ok. Oh yeah and the 4g won’t have faster data speeds because it won’t have 4g network capability, it is merely the 4th gen iphone.