We Rule: New iPhone game takes tips from Facebook

How many of you have played ‘Rolando’ on your iPhone / iPod Touch? If you have, you’ll know what a fun game it is. The good news is that the developers at NGMoco have a brand new title out called ‘We Rule’.

As reported from InsideSocialGames, We Rule is a free kingdom-building time management game that was released last week for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The interesting thing to note about this game though, is that the core element of gameplay has been inspired by Facebook games – according to NGMoco, who say that the game features FarmVille style crop building. NGMoco also has a monetization scheme flowing through the game, allowing players to purchase ‘Mojo’ to make your crops grow quicker.

While the game has taken gameplay features from Facebook, the iPhone factor comes into effect with the game’s slick graphics and sound.

Have you played We Rule? If so, what do you think of it?

  • Kathy

    I love it. It is so fun! I love the building and designing part of the kingdom. I have been addicted for 5 days since I got it.

  • http://www.wolslan.net wol

    great game :)

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  • Lafin

    Hey, I’m an active we rule player. Order from me and I WILL order from you, no matter what your level is. Name: lafin-me