New Social Networking Sites: “Gravity” from Ex-MySpace Execs

Since the boom of MySpace, Social networking has certainly moved up a gear – this is evident with the likes of Facebook and Twitter. MySpace has been suffering of late and is said to be coming up with a revamp soon.

However for those looking for something different, then three former MySpace executives have set up their own startup, ‘Gravity’.

This new social networking site is available to the public today, and The Next Web explains that Gravity should not be considered as just another social network, which they formulated after an interview with Tech Crunch at the end of last year.

Some of the features on this new site include conversation tracking and analytics service, powerful API, portable widgets and much more. Gravity tells us that what makes their service different is by introducing you to people who share the same interests – let us hope that they pull it off, but is there room for yet another social networking site?

  • John

    will be very challenging for hem to bring traffic on gravity

  • Ashly Dupri

    Social networks are coming up left & right. One that I heard of that will really make a buzz I hear is called AvilaVIP

  • @Teeibzy