Twitter and Boat Made of Plastic Bottles

This is a rather remarkable story which will interest many of you I hope. If I told you that a boat constructed of 12,000 plastic bottles was currently sailing on a voyage from San Francisco to Sydney, I’m not sure you’d believe me, but you should because it’s absolutely true.

The catamaran is wittily called The Plastiki, and it’s the brainchild of adventurer, environmentalist and heir to a banking fortune, David de Rothschild. The aim of the voyage is to raise awareness of environmental pollution in the oceans. The venture will cover 11,000 nautical miles and will take the crew past the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is a vast sea of waste.

De Rothschild, who has already been on successful adventures to the poles and the jungles, is already tweeting so you can follow the amazing trip along the way by going here. The journey ahead will last approximately 3 months so you have plenty of time to follow this amazing escapade.

The Plastiki is a quite amazing feat of engineering with each of the 12,000 bottles filled with carbon dioxide to aid buoyancy. It is powered by solar, wind and sea turbines whilst laptops on the boat can be powered by an exercise bike! Critics however have made the point that if the vessel collapsed while at sea, there would instantly be thousands more bottles dumped in the ocean.

I’ve taken a look and this seems to me a great and very exciting quest. For more on this story go to BBC News. Why not take a look at the Twitter feed to see how the voyage is going? We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this story.