Twestival organized via Twitter: Why it matters?

Today is the day when over 175 cities take part in a huge event to raise money for Concern Worldwide. Mashable’s Pete Cashmore has written a piece on CNN News saying that the money raised will help to educate more than 72 million children worldwide who are not lucky enough for school teaching.

You would have thought that organizing this global event would be a nightmare – thankfully Twitter is on hand to make life easier. Event attendees could register on the Twestival Web site – once they have done that then it is down to them to spread the message by tweeting about it.

For those who cannot attend any local events going on, you can still donate online – they can even enter a celebrity auction on eBay. The total money raised last year was $250,000 – this years total so far stands at $208,000, and there is a way to go yet.

Pete Cashmore picks up on the fact that these fund raisers are not all about the money – raising awareness is worth just as much, if not more. Visit the Twestival Web site