Obama Twitter account hacked into, Frenchman arrested

A fascinating story comes to us today with news that a hacker in France has apparently gained access to the Twitter accounts of President Obama, Britney Spears and other notable public figures. A 25-year-old Frenchman, who has not yet been named was arrested on Tuesday and is being questioned by French police.

It’s understood that the FBI had been undergoing an investigation into the matter for several months. It seems that micro- blogging accounts were hacked into, simply by guessing the answers to password reminder questions. There was a similar previous incident when former U.S. vice president candidate Sarah Palin’s yahoo mail account was hacked into in the same manner.

The chief of the French central office against online fraud, Adeline Champagnat, said that the hacker suspect had no expert computer skills. The unemployed man, who used the online title of Hacker Croll, has been released on bail pending enquiries and in Clermond-Ferrand on June 24th he will make a court appearance.

It still seems incredible to us that this can happen so apparently easily. We’d be interested in knowing your thoughts on this report.

Via: theregister.co.uk Source: BBC News