Google Earth Plug-in: Slick 3D map showcases first city

Google Earth has yet another new plug-in, this time a slick looking 3D map from, which Google Earth Blogs reported today. This is the first web-based scalable portal – and is hoped to aid in the growth of cities and urban areas.

The plug-in has been developed by CyberCity 3D and utilizes 3D buildings, city information along with other content on Google Earth via an API plug-in. It is hoped that the new tool will get the attention of businesses that are looking to develop and promote a city.

There are a number of cool features in this plug-in, these include, 5,166 3D city models, building space customization, space availability and listings, YouTube videos and much more.

If you are a government website for a certain city, then CyberCity 3D could be a great feature for you.