Facebook Rebellion After Cider Tax

News of the Budget 2010 comes about how it has created a cider rebellion on Facebook. There was a huge 10% plus inflation duty rise on cider while other alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer faced only a 2% increase.

A Facebook campaign called “Leave Our Cider Alone” has been set up to demonstrate against this seemingly unfair rise for cider and has already attracted many followers, over 3,400 within a short time of the announcement by Alastair Darling. The hike in duty will come into effect this Sunday.

Jono, the creator of the Facebook campaign stated, “What has us cider drinkers done to Alastair Darling. WE CAN’T LET IT HAPPEN”. We can excuse the grammar on this occasion as we can sympathise with the emotion. Even the band, The Wurzels, have joined in the clamour against the duty rise saying that the chancellor “won’t be the Darling bud of our May”. Yes I know its cringe worthy but at least an attempt at humour.

Meanwhile Alastair Darling attempted to justify the rise in cider by saying it corrected the “long-standing anomaly” whereby the duty on cider was far less than for other alcoholic drinks. It may also be part of the government’s stance on tackling binge drinking among the young. What do you think about the “Leave Our Cider Alone” campaign, and will you be joining it?

Source: guardian.co.uk