Nexus One Verizon: CTIA 2010‎: Disappointments

Day 1 of CTIA 2010 was a disappointment for so many reasons, the main one being the Verizon Google Nexus One no show. We had all assumed that the handset would put in an appearance yesterday, how wrong we were.

Product-reviews picks up on the fact that the HTC Incredible did not land at the event either, so it was a day of disappointments. So where are they, the website asks? That is certainly a good question.

Verizon have yet to make an announcement on why their version of the Google Nexus One was not launched on March 23, 2010 as promised – maybe we will here something today, day 2 of CTIA.

Verizon did announce a new partnership with Skype, so you will be able to keep in contact with friends and family for free, as long as they have Skype running as well.

We will keep a close eye on CTIA today, if we hear anything about the Verizon Nexus One, then we will inform you.

  • jorge

    They did not promise that the nexus one was going to be release on the 23rd. It was all a rumor.


    This was a very big dissapointment for verizon customers. I hope to hear something today about the HTC Incredible from CTIA!!

  • mike

    neither phone was promised to be released or even announced yesterday by anyone besides speculating verizon employees. verizon or google have yet to speak a word other than google's site stating "Verizon, Spring 2010".

  • Wes

    It was never promised to be on the 23rd….

  • craig

    Yes a dissapointment but not a surprise. The only thing more reliability than Verizon's network is there continual ability to stay behind with phone technology and deliver products late to the market. Good job Sprint! I will seriously consider switching after, yet again, another let down by Verizon. I suspect Verizon will release the Incredible sometime in June – I'm just not sure what year.

  • Mike

    Like said above – the VZW N1 was never promised. Only speculated.
    Thats the thing about rumors — sometimes they're true, sometimes they aren't.

  • Joe

    Yes, Never Promised = Never Delivered. But if you're a verizon customer you're used to delays and disappointments. (And a general corporate smugness which has no inclination to inform its customers of anything).

  • Jeff

    Sucks to be Verizon. I just walked down and got an AT&T contract. What did they think, we were going to wait forever?

  • Al1022

    If it's not out by week's end, I'm switching to T-Mobile.

  • lolo

    Some people are just impatient. I think they've finalized today that the Nexus One for Verizon will be available in April.

  • scott4fire

    B-bye Verizon… I'm going to T-Mobile for my N1.

  • K Sanders

    I'm not waiting any longer on the Nexus One either, I've waited far too long for it. With new phones, The EVO 4G being announced and others like it, everyday, I think Google has really dropped the ball here. They're going to lose a lot of would be customers for the delay.

  • Adios Verizon

    Verizon has "the map", but without "the best phones", who cares. Adios verizon.

    • Done with VZ

      Hit the nail on the head. I've been waiting and waiting for a great smart phone on VZ since the Droid and Eris launched. It's obvious by now how they have some sort of deal with Motorola that basically handcuffs them from getting great phones from HTC. I want the SS not the dumbed down Incredible. Nice name BTW stupid VZ…It's far from incredible now tht the SS is out. WTF is wrong with VZ and phones?

  • Matt

    Disappointed in deed I will just stick to application for now

  • Fed Up Verizon

    I agree; I have been waiting forever (ok, since November) for these damn phones -Incredible, Desire, Nexus One…any Android phone really and nothing at the Mobile World Congress, nothing at the Consumer Electronics show except for crappy Palm Pre/Pixi phones. Also, it's about time big Red offered an Android phone that is quad-band GSM enabled for travel outside of the US. I am ready to switch to AT&T; maps be damned! Verizon seriosuly sucks and they are terrible with timing and announcements.

  • jeffro

    I was disappointed that the phone didn't come either….But wait….watch what happens when you type "nexus" in the verizon wireless search engine. Just a ploy to string us gadget geeks a few months longer? I'm beginning to now believe the rumors and conspiracy theories all at once!!

  • disappointed

    I only hope that Verizon monitors blogs to see how disappointed their customers are with their phones. And this cat and mouse game is getting real old. I've been waiting since August when my contract expired to upgrade to a cool Google phone. Sorry, but the Droid is NOT cool and the Eris is outdated. I'm seriously considering either going to Sprint or ATT.

  • shahryar

    i wana buy