HTC Incredible vs Nexus One: Which is best, better battery or powerful processor?

Although there’s been no mention yet at CTIA 2010 about the HTC Incredible, we have a feeling it won’t be long before it’s launched, possibly even today. So we’re wondering about some of the features of the HTC and trying to decide which one will be best, the HTC Incredible, or the Google Nexus One.

The HTC Incredible will use Sense UI for starters and another really important feature is that it will have much improved battery life on the Google Nexus One as the Snapdragon processor has been downscaled from 1GHz to 768MHz.

It would seem to make the decision as to which one is best quite difficult, but I suppose that depends on what’s more important to you. Do you go for the Nexus One’s powerful processor that can perform numerous functions with ease, or go for the slightly slower HTC Incredible with the advantage of a longer battery life?

The good people over at are conducting a poll asking if the HTC’s Sense UI and better battery life wins over and currently as we speak 89% of the votes are for the HTC Incredible, vs. 11% for the Nexus One. Why not let us know what your vote would be for, or take a look at the link above to join in the poll?

  • I J

    I have been waiting for the best smartphone from Verizon FOREVER, because I'm (or was) a loyal Verizon customer. Now I'm about to bail. It dissapointing for the "best" network doesn't offer the best smarrphones.

  • @shadowdog3

    They blew the iPhone, Why wouldn't they blow anything else?