DEMO Spring 2010: Winners Are?

Recently at Demo Spring 2010 Matt Marshall gave out the DEMO God awards, these awards went to companies which DEMO thought were the most promising companies out there, also there was one audience choice award.

All of the awards would be welcomed by any upcoming company/product, however the audience choice award is probably the most sought after, this is because the winning company received $1 million in free advertising on the IDG network.

The mobile award went to Zosh, this iPhone application allows you to easily sign a document without the use of a scanner. The Social & Media award went to Everloop, Everloop is a social network aimed at a younger audience, here 8-13 year old kids can enjoy the benefits of social networking.

Other award winners included Gwabbit who won the ‘Cloud Technologies’ award, Phone Halo who won the ‘Consumer Electronics’ award, BlueSkies Hospitality who won the ‘Enterprise’ award and UppyMedia’s TAGtheLOOK which won the ‘Alpha Pitch’ award (you can see further details here).

Finally the $1 million dollar winner of the ‘Audience Choice’ award was eXaudios MagInify Call Center, this tool allows call center representatives to detect emotion based on the customer’s voice, this could be a massive benefit for call centers around the world.

Source: Mashable