Budget March 2010: Social media and politics – What a team!

If you’ve ever wondered when social media would come into its own regarding politics, wonder no more. Today with the Budget 2010 we saw a real example of how the two can come together, and it’s just a taste of what’s to come with the forthcoming General Election.

Although the election date has still not been made official, everybody and his dog is expecting it to be on May 6 and this is really the first time that social media will be being used at its maximum potential in an election campaign. There’ll be a month of lobbying once the date is released and Facebook, Twitter and so on, will all be playing a major role in communicating information to the people.

To see politics and social media in action you should take a look at Twitter today. There’s blogging and tweeting all over the place, even being used in the live coverage on Computer Weekly. Anybody who ever doubted that people who use Twitter and Facebook would be interested in politics will think again after seeing what’s going on today.

It appears that this upcoming General Election will be all the more interesting and enthralling as we’ll be able to pick up all the twists at every turn, all waiting to be talked about by the public online. It could even be that there’ll be more overall political interest with a whole new generation of pundits. I certainly hope so. Perhaps you’ve become more interested in the whole political scene now, why not let us know?

Source: Computer Weekly