Blogs vs. Newspapers: Google Wave and Twitter

There have been many battles over the past few years, we had VHS battling DVD, the DVD against Blu-ray, this is a pattern that always happens when the old boy tries to fight the new guy. This is just what is happening at Penn State University, as a rogue campus blog has been duking it out with the official newspaper there.

Mashable explains that in just a few short months the blog was able to increase its viewers thanks to the power of social media. The newspaper has been running for 112 years, and now looks as though it may have to admit defeat.

The reason behind the success of the blog is simple, a partnership with Google Wave and Twitter. It is all about sharing your content, and the blog does this much better then any paper ever could. Read the complete guide to Google Wave

This certainly makes us think of the future of newspapers and how they will survive in the coming years. Why would you want to wait for the publication of a newspaper, when the information you need is always at your fingertips?