Analyzing Twitter User’s Tweets – Sleep Patterns

We recently learned that Facebook and Twitter users were more likely to choose updating their social media accounts than going to bed with their partners. However, they have to go to bed at some point, and has been looking closely at Twitter users to understand their sleep patterns.

The way in which the website does this is simple, just enter your username on’s homepage – it will then analyze your timezone and study the times that you are likely to Tweet to your followers.

You will then be shown a large clock with your sleeping times, get ready for a few shocks – maybe it will give you a big wakeup call of how long you spend on Twitter.

Mashable found this service from Download Squad, and has reservations at how accurate is? The writer of the article tried it out for himself, and found that it was a little out.

However, the feature will work for a number of you out there, just not those who rarely use Twitter outside work. Go give it a try now, let us know if it was accurate for you.