What about digital electioneering? Twitter and the Cash Gordon story

It seems the digital election has really taken off now after news that the ‘Cash Gordon’ Twitter was hacked into and re-directed to Labour UK. However it now seems that some of the hacking went a little too far, or not depending on your viewpoint, when some of the website’s visitors were re-directed to a ‘lemon party’ site, which consisted of aged gentlemen partaking in, ahem, orgy-like conduct.

Apparently the problem was that the Twitter feed on ‘Cash Gordon’ was not secured from html insertion which meant it only needed basic code and the #cashgordon hashtag to infiltrate the site. It wasn’t long before rude messages about David Cameron also started to appear in bold print on the website.

While the Conservatives will be dismayed that they did not protect their site more readily, they will at least have gained from the many visitors to the site long after the fuss had died down as it continued trending on Twitter. They really should have taken down the website sooner after discovering there was a problem and the Tories, or indeed Labour, would do well to remember that next time it happens as it inevitably will.

So what does digital electioneering mean for everybody? Well it the evidence above is anything to go by it could certainly make things more interesting but is this progress or not? Let us know your thoughts.

Source: telegraph.co.uk