Twitter Triumph: Finding Google Street View Car

Residents in Montreal have now started to go on to micro-blogging site Twitter and tweet like made. The reason why they have taken to Twitter is because of a certain car with a strange camera mounted on its roof, which is used for taking 360-degree images for Google Earth’s Street View.

Residents in Montreal already knew about this car, but have never seen one up close – since then they have been tweeting about it. Alex Leduc from the Montreal Gazette wondered what it would be like in this car – as people passing by will be staring at the driver and whoever else is in the car. This led him to send a request to Google for a ride along.

Google rejected the request – even though they always use drivers hired locally, and not media trained. Alex did not let that deter him, as there was another way to track this car as it takes its images – Twitter.

With a few keywords entered on everything ever mentioned about Google Street View came up – these are updated every second of the day. A huge number of the tweets were of sightings of the car – even Montreal. Some Twitter users even uploaded images and videos of the Google car, with many saying that they remember walking past the car at the time.

Have ever been snapped by the Google Earth Street View car?