PM Kevin Rudd is a winner, declares Twitter

Kevin Rudd is a winner, at least according to social networking group Twitter. In the run-up to the federal election in Australia it was time for the first debate and it resulted in the people leaping onto their computers to express their support for Rudd, via Twitter.

He was an easy winner in the debate against Tony Abbott, the Opposition Leader, with the Tweets roughly 2:1 in Rudd’s favour. One tweet read, “Sound’s like Rudd’s debate ambush has worked for him”, with another declaring that the only way that Rudd could be defeated was if he had a heart attack.

Others though were not so positive about Rudd, backing Abbott, or some backing neither. One Tweet read, “Krudd”, was slammed by Abbott. Another, Steve Godbold told how he tuned out as the leaders didn’t give any real information.

Another to-the-point view came from Bella_Kay saying, “Oh WOW the leaders debate just shows what really silly people we have to choose between to run our country”. For more on this go to