New Google Maps Feature: Hotel Prices

Google never sleeps and are always trying to improve its Google Earth Maps feature. The latest update includes specific hotel prices being displayed, only a small number of users are able to enjoy this latest feature.

It is very easy to use, when you run a search for hotels in a certain area, you will then be given the option to check the prices of those hotels. The price will depend on how many nights you wish to say and the dates.

Google is able to formulate the price for the hotels by advertised prices that appear on their sponsored results. This is yet another way for Google to earn money, as they are still ads, but ones that are useful.

According to Mashable, Google have said that they will not change their hotel ranking system. This new feature is just a test, hence why only a select few are able to use it. If you are lucky enough to use the new feature, please let us know your thoughts.