Microsoft OfficeTalk and Google Buzz: Twitter for businesses

When it comes to social media, Twitter has the market all sewn up when it comes to sharing small amounts of information. But there is still plenty of competition left for those who wish to concentrate on businesses – enter Microsoft OfficeTalk and Google Buzz.

These two services offer almost the same as Twitter, but are aimed at the world of business. Microsoft has been testing OfficeTalk for some time now and will compete with the likes of Google Buzz.

Google has been testing an in-house version, aimed at making life easier for co-workers to share valuable information with each other. We have only seen Google Buzz for a few months now; Google workers have been using the service for much longer.

Google Internal Buzz as it has been called helps to cut down on red tape, and get things moving much faster in a company.

Microsoft’s OfficeTalk has been around for almost a year now; the software was started as a bit of fun for two workers from the Office Labs team. Cnet News explains that this tool has grown so much that thousands of Microsoft workers use it every day. There is talk that Microsoft has started testing outside of its company, watch this space.

  • Jacques Pavlenyi

    It’s not just Microsoft and Google. IBM has had business-grade microblogging capabilities in Lotus Sametime and Lotus Connections for over a year.