BBC Radio 6: Facebook campaign launched

As you are probably aware the power of social media is really starting to show, therefore it is not a huge surprise to her that a Facebook campaign has been set up aiming to help save BBC Radio 6.

If you are a fan of BBC Radio 6 you will be sad to hear of rumors of closure, however a new campaign may convince the BBC to save the station, if you want to do your part to help, carry on reading the rest of this article.

A regular band featured on BBC Radio 6 called Half Man Half Biscuit are at the center of this campaign, to show your support simply purchase Joy Division Oven Gloves by Half Man Half Biscuit, they chose this song as apparently it is “a great representation of all 6 is about”.

To find out more about the campaign check out and join the Facebook page, to buy the tune check out iTunes, Amazon or Tunetribe. (Tunetribe is the cheapest at just £0.69, whereas iTunes and Amazon are charging £0.79).

Source: Mirror

  • David Trottiscliffe

    Sooner that than Rage against the Machine!

    • Richard Millward

      But don't download the song just yet ! Do it between 4th -11th April, otherwise it won't count.