Barack Obama Assassination Tweets: Twitter users learn the hard way

If you wish to go on Twitter and then add a number of Barack Obama assassination tweets, then you will have to be prepared to learn the hard way. Threats against the U.S. President are a serious thing, and will be dealt with swiftly.

Some of the tweets go on about how the United States survived after Abraham Lincoln and JFK were assassinated so the country will survive a “bullet to Barrack Obama’s head.” This is certainly strong stuff, whoever tweeted this are brave people.

The Secret Service is now involved and is investigating these threats against the Commander in Chief. Mashable learned form ABC News that the two responsible for the tweets are now going back on what they said – one account is now offline.

This is the second time that social media was used as a platform against Obama, which later got the attention of the Secret Service. Remember, “Should Obama be killed?”

Users need to understand that they cannot get away with saying things like that, it is not as if you can hide in Twitter, your comments are open to the world.