Zerista: Private Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter mash-up

DEMO Spring 2010 begins today, but Mashable managed to get a sneak peak of some products that will be on show over the next few days. One such product is an app from Zerista, which allows groups, teams, clubs and organizations to build mobile-optimized applications of their very own.

Mashable explains that we should think of the app as a “private Facebook/Foursquare/Twitter mash-up.” The good thing about Zerista is how it can integrate with your social media account.

Once you have developed you own application you can provide details to your members – as well as replace the generic Google Maps with your very own custom one. There are those who do not see the point in building you own social media app, but there are so many ways where you can benefit.

The idea of having a private mobile-accessible network, which can also integrate with public networks, is considered a must for many of those who attend university.