Yelp for local small businesses – it’s a necessity

If you have been looking to raise your business’ profile you may want to think submitting your business information to Yelp, a recent article posted on Mashable suggests that Yelp is quickly becoming a necessity for small local businesses.

If you check out Mashable’s article you will see fours steps you should take to ensure that submitting your business to Yelp is worthwhile, the four steps include filling out your business’ information completely, responding constructively to customer reviews, regularly announcing offers and displaying Yelp badges on your blog.

It is thought that by filling in your business’ details completely potential customers are much more likely to believe that your company is professional, if your details are incomplete it gives the impression that your business perhaps cuts corners, this may result in potential customers avoiding you in the future.

Another way to improve your Yelp profile is to always respond constructively to customer reviews, critical reviews may infact have a positive impact on your business if handled correctly, check out Yelp’s how to guide for further details.

As Yelp users probably already know offers and announcements are a great way of raising your Yelp profile, this particular feature is a great as it allows you to advertise directly to people in your local area, even if they have never heard of your business.

If you have a company website or blog you should perhaps think about displaying a Yelp badge on it, this shows users that you are a member of Yelp, and allows them to perhaps check out positive reviews before contacting your business, this may raise your chances of landing more reliable, paying customers.

Source: Mashable