Social Media Marketing: Facebook visitors are more loyal

It seems as though there’s no doubting the loyalty of Facebook users according to data compiled by Hitwise. Not only is Facebook triumphing over Google as the site with the more visitors in the U.S. but it also continues to drive huge amounts of traffic to news sites. The data from Hitwise though, also shows that these users are loyal to these sites, and carry on using them.

For the week ending March 6 2010, the data shows that 78% of users on were return visitors to Print Media websites, whereas return visitors to Google News were only around 67%. If we then turn to look at Broadcast Media there is a 77% return rate to Facebook, while Google News’ return rate is 64%.

What does this all mean for social media marketing then? Well, it’s always been hugely important for advertising and retailing to gain the return potential of customers and this data certainly goes to show that the traffic driven by Facebook is more valuable than that of Google News.

It should be noted though that this data does not refer to, which is still the most-used source of traffic for news and media sites, but specifically to Google News. For more information on this story and a look at the data go to What do you think about these statistics and does your own experience bear out the data?


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