Sacked via Facebook: The new way to lose a job

We have spoken on a number of occasions how businesses are starting to embrace social media – just like a café did when they informed a worker that they were sacked. You may wonder what this has to do with social media – well they gave her the bad news on her Facebook page.

16-year old Chelsea Taylor burst into tears when she read the message on her Facebook page, what made it even worse is how the message was filled with errors, and ending the letter with xx.

The Daily Mail reports that the manageress of Cookies in Leigh, Greater Manchester, Elaine Sutton said that Chelsea had been fired because she lost £10 while running an errand at work.

It is assumed that this is the first time that someone has been sacked via Facebook – let us hope that this is not the start of many more. Chelsea’s mother said that this does not set a good example to other employers, as they could think that it is acceptable and will do the same.

Do you think this company was right to sack Chelsea on Facebook?

  • @jamespmedd

    There has been many article in the past about people getting fired over facebook. Mainly due to being caught pulling a "sickie" or bad mouthing there boss in status updates. "It is assumed that this is the first time that someone has been sacked via Facebook" – shameful.

  • Tena Dirks

    I dont think it was nice… one deserves such humiliation especially not a teenager who is still building identity and gaining work experience. UNETHICAL!!!