How Twitter changed your life?

Social Media site Twitter turned four yesterday, we are certain that many of those working at Twitter had a few drinks to celebrate. Mashable thought that now is the perfect opportunity to ask how Twitter has changed your life?

If you have not offered your answer then please do, remember to add hashtag #thankstwitter4 – making it easier for readers to view your tweet. As you would expect, the response was huge however, Mashable was able to pick some of what they though were the best.

The blog worked hard on the tweets and even organized them into different categories or sentiments, once they understood the pattern. The most popular answer to the question seemed to be of users finding new friends.

Below is the list of the most popular categories:

  • Being Better Than Facebook or MySpace
  • Decreasing Performance at School
  • Finding Fame
  • Finding Love
  • Making Friends Around the World
  • Making Friends With Similar Interests
  • Miscellaneous
  • Stalking Celebrities in General
  • Stalking Justin Bieber
  • Staying Up to Date With Current Events
  • Tweeting on the Go

Source – Mashable

How has Twitter changed your life?