Flash Platform Social Service and Builder 4: Integrate Twitter / Facebook

Adobe has made available the next generation software for integration of Twitter, Facebook, MySpaceID and LinkedIn – Adobe Flash Builder 4 and ColdFusion Builder. This latest software makes it easier than ever to build multi-platform rich Internet applications.

Keeping ahead of the game is getting harder, those with the competitive edge will always win out – this latest Flash Platform allows companies the chance to offer a business-critical applications to a large audience. To help you achieve a faster development process, then the latest ColdFusion Builder and Flash Builder could not come at a better time.

I4U has been looking in to these latest developments from Adobe, which the software company is very exited about. David Wadhwani from the Adobe Platform Business Unit. Has said, “We look forward to seeing what our talented developer community creates with these latest additions in our developer ecosystem.”

The cheaper of the two is Flash Builder 4 Standard, the price for this if just $249, the more expensive and more comprehensive Flash Builder 4 Premium will cost you $699. For more information and to purchase both versions visit Adobe.com