Facebook: Democracy UK and news on political parties

It seems as though as the General Election in the UK gets nearer, it’s causing more interest in politics than usual among Facebook users. Facebook therefore have now decided to get in on the political act by launching a political campaigning page.

The page is called Democracy UK and will be active from today on the social networking site. All the news in the run- up to the General Election, likely to be on May 6, from all of the political parties will be available there.

The old staid political parties are definitely having to move with the times and recognise the advantages of social networking sites. Facebook will very probably be a key campaigning ground for the parties. This last weekend the Conservatives launched a campaign against the Unite union and Charlie Whelan, former aide to Gordon Brown, on Facebook.

Targeted advertising is now also being used by the political parties, aimed specifically at Facebook users. For more on this story go to marketingmagazine.co.uk. Will you be using Democracy UK on Facebook and why? We’d be interested in hearing from you.