Facebook Co-Founder: New startup to promote charitable efforts

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, has a new start-up business, and is a platform for him to promote charitable efforts. The new company is called Jumo, which was launched 4 days ago as a non-profit organization that aims to help people find their way in the world.

The process involved is truly remarkable, Jumo helps to match those with certain skills and then share them with people around the world. In an interview with Fast Company, Hughes told them that the idea of this new startup came to him after a full year of thinking post-campaign.

He has been able to use his knowledge that he gained from social media site, Facebook. This is certainly a different direction for Hughes, one moment you are creating something for those who already have everything – the next you are offering a service to those with nothing left in the world.

This charity is different in the way that it does not rely on donations from the public; the service offered is more valuable. You cannot put a price on knowledge; so sharing it with someone will be worth more than the $10 here and there that people pledge.

Jumo.com goes live this fall, for more details visit Fast Company.