Chatroulette the new Twitter and Facebook? Ben Folds shows amazing potential

Have you heard of ChatRoulette? If you havent, you sure will after watching this video. Musician Ben Folds has used the newest social craze on the internet to demonstrate the wonderful possibilities and fun it can offer to everyone.

ChatRoulette is a video chat service which offers free video chat and messaging with random people – with a twist. The twist is that if you dont like a particular person, you can simply select another user to chat with – hence the name ChatRoulette.

Ben Folds, a very talented pianist, has been using his improvisational skills to chat to people online, by singing and playing them songs depending on what he can see on the screen in front of him.

It really is very cool stuff and a great way to put countless ideas for ChatRoulette into the heads of millions of computer owners around the world.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. Do you think Chatroulette could rival the likes of Facebook and Twitter?