California: Views on social media, from Twitter to MySpace

To understand what everyday people think of subjects such as celebrities, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and Farmville, Comedian Kassem G went out on the streets of California – the response was not that good according to Mashable.

His first two girls walked off not happy about being called – two older ladies. You can see the total shock on Kassem G’s face when he asked one girl about Facebook, as she thought it was stupid.

The Californian girls do seem like they are on another planet, another young lady was asked what was her last Tweet, which she replied that she did not remember. He does go a bit far with some of the questions, saying to one woman that if she sends guys messages, then the next moment she will be performing a sex act.

He did actually ask a good question, “What do you do on MySpace that you do not do on Facebook”? Then he spoils it by asking if she ever cruises for dudes. Watch the rest of the video below.