Archiving NASA’s Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube information

NASA are at the top of their game when it comes to technology, so comes as no surprise to learn that they have embraced social media. This was evident with how fast NASA uploaded all of its Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity details on to Facebook – this led to a number of other space probes appearing on the social media site.

Even on Twitter there are a number of Tweets from tech savvy people over at NASA, Discover Magazine even tells us that astronaut Soichi Noguchi is tweeting away. The astronaut is miles above the earth sharing with us a number of pictures of landscapes, cities as well as our moon.

NASA always likes to make certain that they archive all of their data collected, so it is great to learn than they are to do this with their social media outlets. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has only just started to archive this material, but historians will find it useful for locating social media content.

NASA’s archive not only includes information on Facebook and Twitter, but Flickr and YouTube as well. Bloggers will benefit from this archiving the most, as they will now be able to find the information than need much easier.

  • Fed Up 2

    That would be great if kids could continue to safely access all those NASA images online. Too bad Flickr is actually a porn site that Yahoo refuses to label as such, so that they can bypass filtering that would keep their countless sex predators sharing millions of adult images, away from children. Shame on Yahoo for this ongoing charade just to make some money at any cost. As well on NASA for showing no forethought or common sense. It's a sure bet all the corporations Yahoo dupes into sponsoring their endless parade of pedophiles on Flickr love finding out their ads, bought through Yahoo and now MS, are on porno pages being shown to kids. Go NASA! What a bunch of clueless government workers that probably love surfing for porn at our constant expense. More tax dollars at work, supporting and participating in Yahoo's undercover hardcore porn site, Flickr that hosts the most smut on the internet now, yet is available in most grade schools and libraries. Great idea getting more kids to go there by featuring NASA images!