540 apps create an iPhone font – Watch the video

We’ve just spotted something bizarre but amazing in its own way and we think it’s worth sharing with you. There are plenty of you out there that appreciate something a little off- the- wall so let’s take a look at what somebody with faaarrr too much time on their hands has come up with.

If you go to engadget.com you’ll see some pretty pictures of exactly what we’re talking about. It’s easier to watch than to describe but basically it’s an iPhone apps inspired font.

Yes…you read that correctly. Somebody has painstakingly sifted through hundreds or even thousands of iPhone apps collating various colours together to display the English alphabet. It’s a masterpiece of time-wasting that’s for sure but one that’s pretty impressive.

Why not take a look a look at the video below to see exactly what we’re talking about. Whatever will someone think of next? Maybe you’re working on something right now?

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