2010 Tech Trends: Location, Social Gaming, Augmented Reality

At the recent South by Southwest event the top 10 tech trends for 2010 were revealed, there was no breakout star, however the list did at least expose what’s going to be hot this year.

In first place was location-based gaming services, these services include Gowalla and Forsquare, both of which allow you to visit real-world locations from your smartphone, here you are “rewarded with badges and discounts for frequenting hotspots”, you can find out more here.

Another popular tech trend for 2010 will be social gaming, at SXSW game demos showed games which featured built-in Facebook connect, this will allow easy sharing of high scores, statistics and even highlight videos, it is thought that games on the Xbox 360, PS3 and iPhone will all offer this functionality pretty soon (more here).

The next tech trend we will talk about is augmented reality, augmented reality is not a new technology, however bringing AR to consumers is, the most notable AR utilizing technology which is still under-development is the Xbox 360’s Project Natal, this will bring AR to everyday life for gamers, you can find out more here.

Source: Time