Facebook Fans: 4 Ways To Engage Them

We have touched on the subject many times about how Facebook has grown to more than just friends and family talking to each other. The social media site is the perfect platform to launch a new business or to help spread the word of a well established business.

The first thing that company-marketing executives are faced with is how to engage those using Facebook. Sparkpr Managing Director, Leyl Master Black has been talking to Mashable about this very thing.

He hints on the fact that there are over three million businesses already on Facebook with their own page, but most of them cannot figure out how their fan base is not growing – even though they update their page on a regular basis.

However, there are some companies that has a fan base of over one million – so they must be doing something right, the question is what? Below are four ways in which you Facebook marketers will be able to engage your fans.

  • Ask Their Opinion
  • Test Their Knowledge
  • Pair Promotions with Content
  • Thank Your Fans

For more details on all of these, visit Mashable, they will then show to you how to put these 4 simple ways into action.