Dentists: Understanding Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

There is some invaluable advice available for dentists on how to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as a valuable tool for networking and expanding their patient lists. ExecSense has been examining social media to discover how other dentists are utilising the social networking sites to maximise business potential.

It’s been found that although many dentists now use the sites they have not gained as much benefit as they could do in the way of networking and making themselves known to people. A link is available from ExecSense, once ordered, from which you can download the webinar for viewing or printing.

Kristian Hansen, an expert on helping dentists, leads the audioconference, “What Dentists Need to Know About Social Networking Sites”, and focuses on several points. One is how to gain more patients from networking, while another is answers to the 10 questions dentists most ask about it.

There are also tips and techniques available from other dentists using the sites, rules for 2010 on what dentists should and should not do, and case studies from dentists who have used social networking successfully. For more information on this story go to