Sponsored icons on Google Maps in Australia

We’ve heard of an innovative move by Google who is testing out a new advertising system by putting sponsored icons on Google Maps in Australia. Businesses such as Bankwest and JB Hi-Fi will have company logos marking them rather than the usual basic establishment icons.

The ads will not be bought in the traditional Ad-Words style but rely on the amount of impressions given. Businesses will only be able to use their logos if Google approve their company as being relevant and they will decide this by using search contexts, inbound links and Wikipedia entries.

Additionally if the logos are not used, by hovering above them to get information, then the logos will be removed by Google. While the system is being trialled in Australia, some companies are paying more than others, based on the value the establishments give.

This approach to location based advertising seems certain to escalate quickly, and we can anticipate its use on other platforms. For more on this story go to mashable.com. Do you imagine this clever move by Google will be a winner, or can you think how your business would benefit from a similar idea?