New Apple Macbook Pro and Mac Air Update: Rumor

It seems as though there are some rather odd inconsistencies to be found looking on Cupertino’s Australian online store, as opposed to official looking Apple ads for the MacBook Pro, Air, and MacPro, which makes us wonder if this means that long-awaited hardware upgrades might now be imminent. We also note that similar price inconsistencies are also on the Apple New Zealand site.

For example official looking Apple Store ads show MacBook Air starting at A$2,399. However if we look at the Australian online site the cheapest starting price seems at first to be A$1,999. If we then take a look at the MacPro, the Apple Store starting price is A$4,499 whilst on the Apple Australian online site the starting price is A$3,599.

If you then take a look at the MacPro on the New Zealand online site it shows prices for the quad and 8 core options as NZ $5,599 and NZ $7,299 respectively. However if you go to the purchase page much lower prices are then displayed. All of these things could simply be errors of course but it seems that would be rather a coincidence on all items.

We prefer to think the higher prices are for the newer updated versions of each, which hopefully are now on their way. For full story go to Do you think upgrades are on the way, or are this all merely pie in the sky?