DISH Network reseller finds success with social media

DISH Network reseller, Sterling Satellite has managed to crack on to the lucrative social media market. The satellite company shared with users an infographic, which looked at the viewing habits of the public in the U.S. – they called this “TV Viewership by the Numbers.”

The graphic took a close look and the key stats of not only US but also worldwide television habits. The Sterling Satellite blog must have done something right to please Twitter users, as the post got itself 108 retweets so far.

The post did even better on StumbleUpon, generating itself thousands of page views. Coverage on other social media websites was also very good – this has done nothing but good for its Google page rank.

The infographic went in to detail about what each country has been watching, as well as what part of North America watches the most TV. 13 countries were studied – the US was the second largest television viewing country. To see what country views TV the most, visit TMCnet