SXSW 2010: MOG announces its mobile app for iPhone and Android

Popular music streaming service MOG has just announced and unveiled that a mobile version of the service will be making an appearance on the iPhone and Google Android handsets later on this year.

As reported from Mashable, MOG is supported by music giants such as Sony and Universal. The mobile version of the app will keep all of the features you see in the desktop version, for the price of $10 a month.

This will include no-demand desktop streaming, but you’ll also be able to listen to tracks offline, which are saved to a “local cache” on your device – similar to the way in which the mobile version of Spotify works.

Spotify seems like the number choice for music lovers on the go these days, so it will be interesting to see if MOG can challenge them once it becomes available.

Are you a regular user of MOG? Let us know your thoughts on the news.